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Only state-of-the-art technology is accurate

Nearly all Vision Clinic clinics are fitted with Erlanger Company WaveLight Laser Technology.

As market leader in the area of refractive surgery WaveLight stands for a highly developed and trustworthy line of products. They lead the way in optimising refractive surgical processes by ensuring equipment synchronization whilst continually developing their technology.

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE laser system incorporates all the decisive elements necessary for successful refractive operations:

  • A rapid response, video assisted, target tracking system (Eyetracker) ensures that the flap is replaced to its exact position - even by unforeseen movement.
  • The ceramic laser head works with a high recurring frequency ensuring a rapid and accurate treatment.
  • The small beam width enables high precision, minimizing total incision depth. This in combination with the topographically produced incision profile results in large, round and effective optical zones, whilst optimizing transitional zones.

WaveLight has also established itself in the dinostic field with its dinostic systems - ALLEGRO Analyzer and ALLEGRO Topolyzer. This equipment is based on the principles of topography. They are optimally designed for the laser systems and guide to the best possible treatment solutions.

All technical equipment is continually monitored and is under regular maintenance to offer you the highest quality of treatment available.

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