Many laser techniques are used in ophthalmology: Argon laser, YAG laser, SLT laser, excimer laser and femtoseconde  laser.

The excimer laser can correct most visual defects. It is used in different techniques (PRK, LASEK, EpiLASIK, LASIK, FemtoLASIK, PresbyLASIK).

When referring to laser eye surgery, whether to correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia, it is usually the excimer laser that is referred to.


Video reporting

Here is a reporting on the eye laser operations (done by a journalist operated by the Vision Clinic) for the RTL-TVI's news program.

The femtoseconde laser allows cuttings in the cornea and the lens. It is used in eye surgery to prepare the cornea before an excimer laser treatment, sometimes to correct myopia without excimer laser (SMILE) and even to cut out the lens in the context of cataract surgery.

The Argon laser can treat diseases of the retina.

The YAG laser can prevent acute glaucoma by performing an iridotomy or treat secondary cataract by capsulotomy.

The SLT laser can treat certain chronic glaucoma by trabeculoplasty.