An eye surgery in a secure setting

The Vision Clinic has an operating room that meets the highest standards of architecture and hygiene.

There is no mandatory technical standard in Belgium for an excimer laser room (laser eye surgery with PRK, LASIK, etc...). Only architectural standards exist for intraocular surgery (cataract surgery, phakic  lens, multifocal implant, ...)


Refusing to compromise on safety, Vision Clinic has created a surgical ward and an operating room that meets the architectural standards imposed on hospitals providing one-day hospital care.

Moreover, even though this standard is not imposed on hospitals, Vision Clinic has invested in a complete air filtration system to meet the highest criteria of a "clean room" where the air is purified, cleaned of dust, particles and bacteria.

The operating room is also equipped with an electricity generator so that interventions can be carried out even in case of a power failure.