Preoperative Tests

An surgery intended to no longer wear glasses requires a complete pre-operative assessment and a rigorous post-operative follow-up.

To do this, Vision Clinic has a specific and complete technical platform.

The pre-operative test lasts more than one hour. It is crucial not to wear lenses for 24 hours in case of soft lenses and for one week in case of rigid lenses.

An examination of the eyes with dilated pupils is recommended, which may slightly blur the vision for 3 to 4 hours..

The consultation is an important exchange opportunity between the patient and the surgeon. Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.


For any appointment, you can contact us by phone at number 02 660 56 88 or by mail at info@visionclinic.be. The phone call remains the most effective way to select a date and time that most suits you. More information to be found on the contact page.

It is also possible to carry out the pre-operative check-up in whole or in part in our external consultation centers in Brussels, Mons or Wavre.

Here is the complete list of external consultation centers with the name of the responsible ophthalmologist and the available tests performed there.

Location of the consultation Name and address of the Center MDoctor in charge

Ophthalmology consultation

Brussels (Watermael-Boitsfort/Uccle) Centre d’Ophtalmologie des Nations
127 avenue Franklin Roosevelt
1050 Brussels
(même adresse que la Vision Clinic)
Dr Vandorselaer
Dr Salik
Brussels (Ixelles) Cabinet Privé du Dr Sutto

512 avenue Louise

1000 Brussels

02 742 26 00

 Dr Sutto Full
Brussels (Uccle) Institut Fovea

175 avenue Molière

1190 Brussels

02 203 30 30

Dr Boghossian  Partial 
Brussels (Woluwe) Cabinet privé du Dr Mesplede

73 av. de Tervueren

1040 Brussels

02 733 05 54

Dr Mesplede   Partial

Centre d’ophtalmologie des Grands Prés

4 av. Nicolas Copernic

7000 Mons

065 73 17 11

Dr Schepens  Full  
 Wavre Centre Ophtalmologique de Wavre

26 Quai des Tanneries

1300 Wavre

010 22 71 09

Dr Sutto   Partial