State-of-the-art equipment for eye surgery performed in the best conditions.

An ultra-fast and accurate excimer laser

The ExcimerWavelight EX-500 laser (Alcon) is a laser that works at an extremely fast speed to treat a visual defect diopter in 1.4 second.  In 11 seconds,  a myopia of 10 diopters is treated with the laser.

The laser is equipped with an eye tracking system called Eyetracker that continuously checks the eye position so that each laser impact is performed at the right place.

The laser offers several modes of treatment of visual defects: WavefrontOptimized, Wavefrontguided, topographyguided, custom-Q to treat each patient in a personalized way according to the results of the pre-operative tests.


A centralized programming platform

The excimer laser Ex-500 is part of a complete platform including other devices needed for laser eye treatment: aberrometer, topolyzer, femtosecond laser.

All of these devices are connected thanks to an independent computer network allowing complete management of the patient’s data.

The Topolyzer

The Topolyzer and Analyzer are two measuring instruments allowing "personalized" treatments..

A femtosecond laser

The ZiemerFemtoLDV laser allows accurate cuts in the cornea for the creation of a flap within the framework of FemtoLASIK but also for the placement of intracorneal rings in case of keratoconus, for corneal transplants and even for cuttings of the crystalline lens in case of cataract surgery.


The Phacoemulsifier Centurion Vision System

The Centurion Vision System phacoemulsifier is the newest and most powerful device on the market for lens extraction.

Its oscillation system Ozil and especially its innovative system of intraocular pressure control during surgery makes it an extremely safe and efficient device.


Le Pentacam AXL is the latest Pentacam model.  In a few seconds, it performs a complete analysis of the cornea and gives accurate information on the shape, thickness and posterior elevation map of the cornea. This information is essential to determine if you are a good candidate for refractive surgery and allow us to determine the most appropriate technique in your particular case.

The Pentacam AXL also allows to determine the eye axial length and to choose with upmost accuracy the intraocular lens to be placed in case of intraocular surgery.



LASIK and EpiLASIK engines of the latest generation

Moria's EpiLASIK and LASIK One Use engines are of the latest generation engines.

The EpiLASIK engine automates the preparation of the cornea before surface surgery and thus improves the healing rate compared with PRK or LASEK.


LASIK One Use Plus SBK

The SBK One Use Plus LASIK engine has a safety profile and an accuracy similar to a femtosecond laser for cutting the corneal flap.


The Verion Vision System

The Verion Vision System: an aid for the positioning of intraocular lenses.

This system is necessary for the correction of astigmatism with a toric intraocular lens. The lens must indeed be placed by the surgeon very accurately in the axis of astigmatism.

The Verion projects landmarks into the surgeon's microscope to allow him to place the lens in the proper position.